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Why Choose Zavvtech?


Zavvtech is a Joint Force of experienced IT professionals coming from various industry with knowledge of existing challenges Management and Owners face alike today and we can supplement the business operations to implement a company specific IT Road Map which would be both attainable and scalable.


Zavvtech shares the common mission of CXOs in any company to have a "​A Lean and efficient IT Operation"​ which is Transparent across all departments, Collaborative, Robust & Scalable, , Economic, reduce duplicacy and increase productivity at every point of data creation.


Zavvtech provides comprehensive Managed IT Services to an organisation, which would be strategic and future proof with thorough analysis of existing Business solutions and IT infrastructure. A cost effective and assured way to grow your business with very minimal or no IT employees meaning - Zavvtech will be Your Helpdesk team, Your IT Network operations team and Your Server Management team and where applicable Your Business Solution's team.


Zavvtech would study the security landscape of your organisation and put in place the best of the security framework with minimal obstruction to production environment, by starting with a free diagonistics where applicable


Data data every where but not a drop  when it is needed the most, a familiar scenario  CXOs faces at times. Zavvtech provides Business Intelligence (BI) Tools and dash board built  on the software or solution that an organisation already uses, thus hugely reducing the cost of ownerwhip and getting a BI tool on a mobile device & web enabled, which is  handy to use by any CXOs or Management Team.

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