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The core of HansaWorld products provide tools to run the essentials of a business. Contact your customers and vendors with the Business Communicator, for example, through VoIP or the Skype integration. Document management allows you to store and attach files of any format to any record in the system. Organize your files in custom conferences, create libraries of information and determine to which conferences each of your employees has access. Organize your tasks and set reminders with business alerts in the task manager and workflow overview. Coordinating projects, tasks and routines with specific activities and records maximizes productivity and provides a live overview.

The graphical calendar is team-oriented, allowing management and staff to review the agendas of their coworkers and keep the team in sync. The Resource Planner provides the tools to assign tasks and activities to employees, assets and machines. View reservations for hotel rooms, rentals and training courses, for example, or any other resource you track in the system.

Our software is available on-premise and in the cloud or as a hybrid of the two. Your data is accessible from anywhere in the world with full control over the servers hosting your company. Our server partners include IBM and Amazon which means your business critical information is securely stored using the latest technology. Discover the right software for your business and automate your business management procedures as you see fit.

Standard ERP

At its core, Standard ERP provides account management, order processing, inventory, manufacturing and job costing, but goes beyond these conventional functionalities. As a modular system, Standard ERP delivers a wide range of comprehensive verticals to suit your unique business and specific industry. With our leading cloud hosting options, your business critical information can be accessed in real-time from any device using any major operating system. Get more information about Standard ERP here.

Standard Accounting

Standard Accounts is an all-in-one application to help you manage your business with ease. Developed with small to midsize businesses in mind, Standard Accounts is an intuitive app with extensive functionality. Design and create invoices, keep track of customers and vendors, and run comprehensive reports about your business - all in a single application. Start with the free functions, such as General Ledger, and Accounts Payable and Receivable, to get your business off the ground. From there, scale the app at your pace by choosing various tools from our range of integrated InApps. Get more information about Standard Accounts here.

Standard CRM

Manage, analyze and enhance your relationships with customers to improve both customer retention and new sales. Standard CRM’s free functionalities include contact management, which allows you to store detailed records and track customer activity, a graphical calendar to effectively manage your time, lead management to track your prospective customers from source to sale, and built-in, comprehensive reporting to analyze all of the above. Pick and choose from Standard CRM’s range of sophisticated tools to optimize your sales pipeline and customer lifecycle. Measure profitability,analyze crucial data, and manage business communications, all within Standard CRM. Get more information about Standard CRM here.

Standard Hotel

Whether you’re renting out a couple of rooms, a budding hotelier offering accommodations through online marketplaces, managing a boutique bed and breakfast, or running a small, well-established lodge, Standard Hotel provides you with the tools to efficiently manage rates, reservations, billing, bookkeeping and more - all within a single app. Standard Hotel provides you with the essentials to run your hotel and deliver fast and cost-effective service to your customers. Get more information about Standard Hotel here.

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